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The Minnesota Twins are the last great franchise in Major League Baseball.
They are a member of the dying breed of teams who win with teamwork, hard play, and a strong farm system; not merchandising and TV royalties.
Their excellent defense and their never give up attitude make them the most fun and exciting team to follow.
They arrived in 1961 from Washington, and within 4 years got to the World Series, losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 7 games. The 65 series included Sandy Koufax's famous refusal to pitch game one on Yom Kippur.
They returned to the World Series in 1987 and won in 7 games over the Cardinals, in my opinion one of the most exciting world series ever, 2nd most in team history. In 1991 they went back and took the Braves to 7 games where, in Twins fashion, they gritted out the win, while an aging Jack Morris pitched a scoreless game into extra innings.
They went through a rought patch until 2001 where they had a 5 game lead in the AL central at the all-star break. In 2002 they finally busted through and won their first AL Central Title. In the playoffs they shocked the A's and advanced to the ALCS where they lost to the eventual champions.
They were back in 2003 and lost in the first round to the Yankees. A lot of the same in 2004, and after an exciting and hard fought season, they just couldn't overcome the $150,000,000 Yankees who ended up choking in the ALCS.

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