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Who did the Toronto Blue Jays get in the 2003 Shanon Stewart Trade?       |Bobby Kielty|

Who is the only broadcaster in the Twins Hall of Fame
|Herb Carneal|

Who are the four Twins to win 4+ Gold Gloves?
|Jim Kaat (11), Kirby Puckett( 6), Gary Gaetti (4), and Torii Hunter (4)|

Who of the following was the only player to start his MLB career in Minnesota: Harmon Kilibrew, Bob Allison, Tony Oliva, Camilo Pascual
Tony Oliva

Who was the only Twin to recieve votes in the 2003 AL MVP Voting
|Shannon Stewart, who finished fourth|

Who made up the Twins WCCO radio annoucing team in their inaugural 1961 season?
|Roy Scott, Bob Wolff and Halsey Hall|

Who is the only pitcher with a Twins career ERA of under 3.00?
|Dean Chance with an ERA of 2.67|

Who was the Twins manager on opening day in 1961?
|Cookie Lavagetto|

How many Twins did Sandy Koufax strikeout in the 1965 World Series?

What pitcher gave up Tom Kelly's first big league hit on May 19, 1975 and what team was he pitching for?
|Joe Coleman of the Detroit Tigers|

Who is the most recent player to hit three home runs in a single game while wearing a Twins uniform?
|Tony Oliva|

Name the Twins starting infielders and the positions they played in the 1970 season opener?
|Rich Reese at 1B, Rod Carew at 2B, Leo Cardenas at SS, and Harman Killebrew at 3B|

Dave Winfield was drafted in three different sports. Name each sport and the team that drafted him.
|Baseball-San Diego, Football-Minnesota, Basketball-Atlanta (NBA), Basketball-Utah (ABA)|

Who was the last of the original 1961 Twins players to leave the team?
|Harmon Killebrew|

Who went by the nickname of "Bruno"?
|Tom Brunansky|

What Twins pitcher won the division clinching game against Kansas City on September 27, 1987?
|Bert Blyleven|

On September 20, 1981, three Twins players hit home runs in their first major league game. Can you name them?
|Gary Gaetti, Tim Laudner, and Kent Hrbek|

Who holds the Twins record for most plate appearances in a single season with 744?
|Kirby Pucket in 1985|

What Twins pitcher was the winning pitcher in the 1988 All Star game?
|Frank Viola|

What one-time Twin became the oldest player in history (at the age of 36), to have over 100 RBI's in a single season for the first time in his career?
|Paul Molitor|

Who won the 1991 World Series MVP?
|Jack Morris|

Who is the Twins career saves leader?
|Rick Aguilera|

Who holds the Twins record for most stolen bases in a single season?
|Chuck Knoblauch|

In what inning did Kirby Puckett hit his game winning home run in game six of the 1991 World Series?
|The 11th inning|

How many managers have the Twins had in their history?

Name the only three Twins players that have more than 1,000 RBI's in a Twins uniform?
|Harmon Killebrew with 1,325, Kent Hrbek with 1,086, and Kirby Puckett with 1,085|

Name the four Twins pitchers that are tied for the Twins single game strikeout record with 15.
|Camilo Pascual in 1961, Jow Decker in 1973, Jerry Koosman in 1980, and Bert Blyleven in 1986|

Which Twins player was nicknamed "Kitty"?
|Jim Kaat|

What player appeared in a Twins uniform as an active player for 15 consecutive seasons and holds the Twins leadership in this category?
|Tony Oliva|

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